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Splatter Room!

Splatter Room!

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The ultimate messy art experience! Join us in our splatter room to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art using a variety of tools (including yourself!) to splat, splash and swish the paint around! 

The details: Splatter Room sessions are 45 minutes, time in the splatter room is 30 minutes.  The first 15 minutes you will prepare your canvas and get covered up. Splatter Room sessions are not private, you may have other splatterers creating at the same time! 


What age is the splatter room for?  The splatter room is for kids of all ages...and kids at heart!

If my child wants to play in the splatter room do I have to stay in the studio?  Yes, the splatter room is not a drop off program. 

What if my/my child's clothes get stained? The splatter room is messy! Clothes WILL get paint on them. The paint used is acrylic and WILL stain clothes. Some protective gear is provided but may not cover clothes completely. 

Can I book a private splatter room experience? Yep! Just give us a call at 705-586-1099. 

Do I book online? No, the splatter room is drop in during 'LET'S CRAFT' times on the calendar. Want to come at a different time?.... Just give us a call at 705-586-1099 and we'll do our best to fit you in. 

The last splatter room admission is 45 minutes before the end of 'Let's Craft'. If you arrive after that time the studio may be closed. 

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