What ages are best suited for your studio?

We offer different programs for different aged children. From Play Time! for the under 6 group, to Craft Time! for kids 4+ and of course the Splatter Room for kids (& adults) of all ages! We also offer one-time craft workshops for older kids (7+) that are usually themed to something trending (Mario, Minecraft, Tik Tok, etc!)

Do I have to stay on site while my child is there?

Sometimes... Play Time! requires that parents stay and supervise their own children. Craft Time! and Splatter Room also require that parents stay on site. Day camps, craft workshops and other events may be drop-off programs and that will be clearly stated during registration. If you're unsure if you have to stay on site... just ask us! 

Are you open every day?

Simply put... no. We do not have a regular 9-5 opening hours like retail does. Our opening hours are based on our schedule which we work hard to ensure includes both daytime, evening and weekend programs. Find our calendar HERE