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Puppy Adoption! Party Package

Puppy Adoption! Party Package

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During the 'Puppy Adoption' party the kids will adopt a stuffed puppy from the pen and receive a carrier box to create it a new home! Kids will have access to a selection of paints, markers, glue, papers & embellishments to create their puppy a new home as well as fabric for a blanket! The kids will bring their new pet home, this makes a great party favour! 

This package includes:

  • 1 6" stuffed puppy and a carrier box to be decorated
  • 1 adoption certificate 
  • 1 Super crafty party hostess/instructor to help the kids and keep your party flowing
  • In-studio use of aprons for all crafters
  • Paper plates, cups and cutlery
  • Printable invitation
  • 1 pizza slice and juice box per child
  • Table dressings (kraft paper tablecloth for the kids to colour on!)
  • 1 table for you to place cake/food/gifts

Best of all... leave the clean up to us! 

The details: Table settings are included for all children, and 1 additional table will be provided for your cake/food/gifts. Plates & cutlery are provided however you are required to bring your own knife to cut your cake. Craft time is scheduled for the first hour of the party, leaving the second hour for cake & gifts. Birthday child's parents will be permitted to arrive 15 minutes prior to party start time to set up any balloons/decorations. 

(*IF YOU ARE BOOKING A PARTY TO TAKE PLACE AFTER JUNE 1, 2023) Our studio will remain open for drop in during your party, however you will have exclusive access to the party table area, and a maximum of 20 studio admissions will be kept for your party. 

*We will be in touch after you book your party. Please ensure contact information at checkout is complete and correct.

All party bookings are non-refundable. 

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